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Renee Has Many Wigs

Over 20 years ago, Renee started working with wigs in Fargo, ND where she found her true passion. She enjoyed working with customers individually and helping them find their perfect wig. After moving to Rochester, Renee had another calling to work with wigs when she opened her new shop across from Mayo Clinic where she stayed for 11 years. Renee recently moved to Decorah, IA, opening the first wig shop in North East Iowa. She is known for fitting the wig to the customer (because one size does not fit all). She personalizes, as well as trims wigs for the life of your wig. Even after all these years, Renee continues to take classes on the up-and-coming trends and is always learning new techniques. 

Today's wigs are fun, flattery, and natural looking! We offer a wide variety of synthetic and human hair wigs. We carry over 150 different styles with each style coming in over 20 to 30 various colors.  Our wigs are constructed with high-quality, light weight, breathable caps made with lace or handtied tops. They have a stretchable material, which gives great comfort. Our wigs are a "ready to wear" hair that weighs only 1 to 3 oz so you won't even know it's there. Wigs are ordered weekly and can be shipped to you.

Wig Care

Les Wigs Renee's offers professional wig salon products including: shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, detangler, pomade, spray gel, picks, combs, headbands, drying rack, various style of wig liners, and many more accessories. 

Hats, Scarves, and Turbins

Our boutique offers a unique range of hats including: turbins, scarves, newsboys, sunhats, nightcaps, and visors. The prints we offer vary from plain and simple to bold and colorful! We have something for everyone. 

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Custom Fitting

Personalized Trimming

Personalized Trimming

We want our customers to look and feel their best. We make sure your wigs is custom fit to your head size and shape.

Personalized Trimming

Personalized Trimming

Personalized Trimming

Don't worry if the wig it too long. We can do a complimentary trim on your wig!

Lifetime Assistance

Personalized Trimming

Lifetime Assistance

We want our customers to feel comfortable using their wig everyday so we offer assistance to all customers! Call us with any questions or concerns so we can help.

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